Now Available: FER Launch Kits

Check Out the New FER Launch Kit!

As of July 3, 2019, FER (Fan Energy Rating) standards are here, and they’re here to stay. These new standards from the DOE required engineers at KeepRite® Heating & Cooling Products to make significant changes to the KeepRite gas furnace line. In advance of the FER deadline, KeepRite launched a complete line of re-designed gas furnaces in May of this year. 

Have you checked out the new FER Launch Kit? The kit includes all the information you will need to get up to speed on FER regulations and the new line of re-designed KeepRite gas furnaces 

Ask your distributor for the FER Launch Kit so you can take advantage of these helpful tools: 

Overview Documents 
Get yourself up to speed on FER standards and what they mean to you as a heating and cooling contractor. Get answers to commonly asked questions about FER. 

Product Information 
Dive into the new line of 
KeepRite gas furnaces re-designed for FER. Compare the gas furnace line pre- and post-FER and learn how the nomenclature has changed as a result of FER with these tools:

Sales Aids 
Learn the product development strategy behind the re-designed KeepRite gas furnace line and competitive advantages that can help you close your next sale with these files:

Watch informative videos on FER and the new gas furnace line 
re-designed for FER:

Show homeowners the features and benefits of a new KeepRite gas furnace with these brochures:

For advertising purposes, the launch kit includes high-resolution files of the:

There are so many helpful marketing materials and consumer and dealer resources included in the FER Launch Kit. Ask your distributor to order yours today! Utilize the Launch Kit tools to educate your customers about FER standards and help you close more sales.