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Business Building Tools contains a wealth of resources to help you market your business to potential customers. provides you with the tools you need to help bring in more customers, close more sales and keep more customers for life. 

To access all of these great tools, simply click on the “Business Building Tools” button at the top of any page on the site.  

After you click on the “Business Building Tools” button, an alphabetized dropdown menu will appear, containing the following options:  

Own Targeted Neighborhoods
Do you wish more potential customers knew about your business? This section contains links to several programs and tools that will streamline your efforts to promote your business. 

AdVantageSM Program
In just minutes, use the AdVantage program to create a variety of custom marketing materials such as direct mail, yard signs, brochures, flyers and more. Select from prebuilt, customizable templates featuring KeepRite logos, products, and artwork or create custom marketing materials using your own photos and ideas. The AdVantage program can even manage your business Facebook page. Download the AdVantage mobile app to create and send marketing materials directly from your smartphone!

Building Signs
Order distinctive outdoor lighted KeepRite building signs for your business. 

Promotional Items
Select from a wide variety of 
KeepRite branded apparel and merchandise from Shilling Sales, Inc.

Yard Signs and More
Utilize the AdVantage program to order yard signs and door hangers to place at or around current jobsites, letting homeowners know you're in the neighborhood. Order magnets and stickers to place in the homes of current customers to allow them to contact you with ease when they need service.

Maintain a professional appearance with KeepRite uniforms from Cintas. 

Vehicle Graphics, Signs and Decals
Turn your truck into a mobile billboard with vehicle graphics, signs and decals from TKO Graphix. 

Banners and Posters
Order banners and Posters from TKO Graphix. They are a great way to promote new products. 

Ford® Fleet program 
Getting a new vehicle is a major investment in your business. Getting a great discount is a major advantage. You’ll get the best of both worlds when you purchase a new Ford car, truck or van through the Ford Fleet Program, brought to you by ICP. 

Advertise to Be Seen in Your Neighborhood
If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, this section contains all of the building blocks you need to create your own marketing campaign.

Advertising & Brand Guidelines 
Here you will find tips on brand and logo usage to make sure your advertising qualifies for co-op reimbursement, as well as information on what sets the KeepRite® brand apart.

We’ve got a complete library of logos, along with tips for determining which file format works best for your application.

Product Photography 
Sample our wide variety of product photos, and learn more about the file format that best suits your application.

Dealer & Lifestyle Photography 
These KeepRite dealer photos are free for your use to help market your business. They are ideal for advertising materials such as posters and brochures. You can even use them in sales presentations or small flyers.

Social Media
Download ready to use KeepRite-branded social media cover photos and posts for your business accounts.  

Newspaper Print Ads
Download ready-use print ads, designed to be flexible enough for you to customize your own message or add an offer within the framework. They are also pre-approved for co-op reimbursement. Any changes in pre-produced materials should be approved by your distributor prior to publishing to ensure co-op claim qualification.

Download customizable seasonal flyers. If you have a customer mailing list, use these materials as a spring or fall business builder. Be sure to include a special offer to make the phone ring. 

Download outdoor billboards designed to allow you to customize your own message and are pre-approved for co-op reimbursement. Any changes in these pre-produced materials should be approved by your distributor prior to publishing to ensure co-op claim qualification.

Online Banners & Mobile
Create and download custom mobile and desktop banner ads. Not sure where to run them? A good place to start is with many of the current local media outlets you use to advertise. Nearly all of them will have an online presence as well. 

Direct Mail
Download direct mail pieces designed to catch the eye of potential new customers or returning customers. Customize the PDF files in any editing software by adding your own message and contact information to the blank space provided and sending them off to the printer.

Most people use email every day. Download these e-communication documents, customize them and send them to your email list.

Social Media Posts
Download cover photos and pre-made social media posts to use on your company social media sites. While you’re at it, like us on Facebook for more great content.

Best practices
Improve your business with best practices one-sheets by our experts on email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media.

Product Line Art
KeepRite Product Line Art for use in presentations, brochures or posters.

TV Ads
Download :05 or :15 second TV spots to tag with your company’s contact information and run as part of your next marketing campaign. 

Radio Ads
Download :15 second radio spots for you and your local broadcast partners to customize and run as part of your next marketing campaign. 

Use as many of the of the available business building tools as possible to help draw in more customers, close more sales and keep more customers for life!