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Online Banner Ads

The Internet has become a vital part of everyday life—which makes it a must for your advertising. Our new, eye-catching banner ads make advertising online easy. And they ensure that your company's website is only a click away. Today's technology can even ensure your ads appear to customers who are actively searching for information on home comfort products and repairs!

Usage Example

Many of the current local media outlets dealers use to advertise also have an online presence, including newspapers, radio stations and TV stations. Their sites are a good place to get started with online banner ads.

For example, Bob's Heating and Cooling already advertises in his hometown newspaper. To add online advertising, Bob asks about running online banner ads on the newspaper's website. The newspaper rep mentions that they have two versions of the site—one for viewing on a typical computer and another for easier viewing on smaller screens such as those found on smartphones and other mobile devices. Bob uses the ads from the Go.Sites, adds his info, and submits versions for the standard and the mobile site to the paper. The ads appear, and the phone starts ringing!

Of course, as he learns more about sites that are popular in his market, Bob can include them in his online banner advertising plans. Building on successes is a key to making the most of local dealer advertising.

Customizing Ads Has Never Been Easier!

Simply type your information into the areas shown below and click on the “submit” button. Your electronically submitted information will immediately appear on your online banner ads.

Tip: The Company Name field is limited to 50 characters. The more characters you use, the smaller your name will appear in the ad. Try using abbreviations like AC for Air Conditioning, Htg. for Heating, and Plbg. for Plumbing.