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Television Advertising

We've made it easy for you and your local broadcast partners to customize television ads.

Our television campaign is all about flexibility. You have two options when creating your commercials:

  1. Tag already completed commercials with your company information
    and/or offer by local voice-over talent; or
  2. Assemble your own commercial from provided audio/video modules
    to create your individualized message.

:05 Seasonal Lifestyle

:05 Dealer Offer

:05 Dealer Tag

Custom Ads Have Never Been Easier!

Keeprite® Air Conditioning & Heating provides everything you need to create sales-boosting ads for any season. Your broadcast partners can get what they need by downloading the TV spots links below.

  1. To preview the ads, click on the links below
  2. To download the ad click on the preview link and then click on the 'Download .mov' file located just below the preview.

View/Download Keeprite Summer No Hassle TV Spot

View/Download Keeprite Winter No Hassle TV Spot

View/Download Keeprite Summer TV Spot

View/Download Keeprite Winter TV Spot

View/Download Keeprite TV 30 (30s) TV Spot

In the dealer tag section, be sure to include important contact information such as your logo, phone number, and website. You can use local talent for the voice-over.

View customizing instructions here.