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Learn About Your Communication Style

Communication Is Key

Did you know that all people possesses their own unique communication styles? Understanding this principle and learning how to apply it to your conversations can greatly improve your relationships and your business.  

My Learning Center is proud to announce the new series: Communication Is Key. Based on the DiSC behavioral model, this exciting new series is designed to teach you about your unique communication style and how to employ it in a variety of business settingsThe purchase of this series includes a one-time DiSC assessment to determine your behavioral style.

What is a DiSC assessment?

A commonly used tool across a variety of industries, a DiSC assessment asks a series of questions and builds a detailed report about your personality and behavior. Questions are based on four key areas: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.1 Understanding your DiSC profile will help you develop more effective sales skills by identifying and responding to customer communication styles.

Lesson 1 - Understanding DISC Behaviors
This lesson introduces the Behavioral Communication Style called DISC. In it, you will learn the 4 different styles of communication, identify their characteristics and compare their styles.  

Lesson 2 - Recognizing DISC, Understanding and Appreciating Others
This lesson will build upon the foundation of lesson 1, explaining the difference between a natural style versus an adaptive style, introduce you to the different mixed styles, show you how to recognize the primary styles and explain how you need to adapt your style to facilitate better communication.

Lesson 3 - DISC Behavioral Selling
We are all selling something, whether at work or at home, whether an idea, a product, a service or even yourself. Selling equals influence. In this lesson, we will help you determine what your behavioral style is, then show you how you can adapt your style towards another behavioral style to be more effective in selling.

Lesson 4 - Understanding Motivators
Understanding and adapting to a person’s behavioral style helps build better communication. But do you know what motivates people to do what they do?  Motivators provide insight into why people connect with tasks, people or ideas. It shows what gets people excited, passionate and what keeps them engaged. This lesson will explain the 6 different motivators and how they affect people’s performance and behaviors.

Each lesson is eligible for 1 factory hour. 

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