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HVAC Financing Made Easy with Microf

Providing Flexible Payment Options for
Replacement Residential Heating & Cooling Systems


Why should you offer financing to your customers? 

1. HVAC system replacement is one of the largest expenses for homeowners. While many homeowners save money over time to update the interior finishes of their homes or improve their outdoor space, the cost of a new home heating and cooling system often occurs unexpectedly and with little warning. 

2. Many homeowners do not have money saved for unexpected expenses. 57% of U.S. consumers have less than $1,000 in savings and only 31% have more than $5,000 in savings.1

3. Offering financing provides you with the opportunity to sell more units at a higher average cost. Improve your close rates and average total contract price by offering financing.


Have you considered adding Microf™ to your sales tool kit? 

Microf is a leading provider of residential lease-to-own solutions in the HVAC industry. Microf meets residential customers’ growing need for flexible payment options for replacement heating and cooling systems. 


How does Microf work?

Microf offers lease-to-own options for residential heating and cooling customers with multiple payment and term options. The online application process is easy and provides immediate decisions—no waiting for approval.  

Microf does not use FICO in rendering a decision. This system means high approval rates—up to 75% of the customers turned down by traditional finance companies are approved by Microf.2

Microf provides homeowners with 36, 48, 60 and now 72 months to ownership payment options.3

The program is available at no cost to you with next day funding!4


Which customers may benefit from Microf?

► Microf is a great secondary finance option for customers who have medium to low credit scores and may not be approved by traditional lenders.

► Vacation or secondary homes—these homeowners may not want to impact their credit score for an HVAC system replacement in what will not be their primary residence.5


How do I determine whether my customers should use Microf or a traditional lender? 

Now you can help customers apply for traditional financing through Wells Fargo and 2nd-look financing through Microf in one seamless process: Spectrum AC.


How Spectrum AC Works

1. The customer enters his or her information to begin the application process. 

2. The customer obtains a credit decision from Wells Fargo. 

3. If Wells Fargo is unable to provide approval, the customer continues to apply with Microf through a seamless and automated process.  

Over 86% of customers are approved through either Wells Fargo or Microf! 


For more information, please contact Microf:

Online: SpectrumAC.com/Contractor-Enrollment/

Dealer Hot Line: 855-498-8200

Email: [email protected]

Remember, financing can be the one key factor that closes your next sale!

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2Consumers are subject to credit approval by Microf.

3The 60 months to ownership option is not available in CA, CT, IA, ME, NY, OH and PA. 

45% contractor buy down applies to RTO’s in CA, CT, IA, ME, NY, OH, PA and WV and requires a minimum $3000 lease.

5Lease-purchase options are available for primary or vacation/secondary homes, but unavailable for non-owner-occupied investment or rental properties. Minimum lease amount is $2,500.

Microf Lease-Purchase program not available in NJ, WI, MN, WY or VT.