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Custom Company Brochures Are Just a Few Clicks Away!

Customize Your Marketing Materials Today! 

Providing homeowners with custom literature during sales calls lends credibility and professionalism to your business. But how do you go about producing your own custom literature? 


To get started, simply tap into the AdVantage Program on GoKeepRite.com. The Advantage Program offers a Custom Brochure marketing tool tailored to promote your dealership in addition to the Best/Better/Good KeepRite equipment that you typically s​ell in your market. Utilize this tool to design a customized brochure to fit your needs by selecting the products of your choice. Whether you need to bulk order for a home show or keep inventory on hand for sales calls, this cost-effective program provides you with options.


Program Overview

In addition to custom product brochures, the AdVantage program offers customized tri-folds, flyers and presentation folders.   

Product Brochures

► Choose large (17.25” x 11.25”) or small (11.75” x 9”) sized brochures.

► The large brochures allow you to showcase Best/Better/Good KeepRite equipment options.


► Available in 11.25" x 8.75" sized foldout with product and seasonal templates. 


► Choose full page or postcard sized flyers printed on one side or two.

Presentation Folders:

► Wrap up your proposal with a custom presentation folder designed with your company information and logo. 

NOTE: The custom product brochures, tri-folds and flyers all can accommodate coupons and offer a variety of templates for residential and commercial products.  You are also able to upload your own designs if you choose.


Customer Satisfaction

Robin Lewis of Sanders Supply is a frequent AdVantage Custom Brochure user and has the following to say about the program: “The AdVantage team has taken all the guesswork out of literature design, as well as the other marketing tools they offer. They have made it extremely easy for people of every skill level to produce professional-looking materials.”


How to create your custom materials

1. Use the Secure Dealer Login on GoKeepRite.com.

2. Click on My KeepRite AdVantage Portal

3. Click on Brochures & Flyers

4. Select the desired type of literature: Flyers, Tri-Fold Brochures, Product Brochures or Presentation Folders. 

5. Select a template or upload your own design and customize it as desired. 

6. Proofread all content carefully.

7. Select quantities. 

7. Add to cart and check out. 

Note: Delivery takes 7-10 days from order placement.


First time users can view a demo of the Advantage site by going to www.GoKeepRite.com and clicking on Dealer Login.



The AdVantage Custom Brochure Program saves you time and offers you professional, customized marketing materials at a cost-effective price and ensures that the materials are already co-op approved. Avoid incurring expensive design service fees by taking advantage of AdVantage today.


Contact AdVantage at 865-690-1990 or [email protected].
The AdVantage team is happy to help you! 

AdVantageSM is a third-party service provider. International Comfort Products (ICP) is not responsible for the AdVantage program or services.